Edge Trims

Edge trims are formed from galvanized steel sheet and used to maintain the correct wet concrete level at decking perimeters. They should be fixed to the supporting structure in the same manner as the deck and anchored to the decking by use of restraint straps at 600mm centres. Restraint straps are fixed to the top of the deck profile with rivets or self-drilling screws. The standard edge trim geometry is shown below, with typical heights ranging between 100mm and 300mm to suit standard composite slab depths. Trims should bear onto supports by a minimum of 50mm.

MetFloor steel decking

Closure Plates

Closure plates are employed where an exact number of decking sheets cannot be fit within a structural bay and are used to close the remaining gap between the decking and edge beam. They may also be used to assist in closing similar spaces which remain around junctions with structural elements such as columns. Closure plates should only be used on the non-load bearing side of the decking sheet. Closure plates are typically supplied in steel gauges from 0.9mm to 2.0mm and to a maximum width of 250mm.

End Caps

Where decking sheets do not abut, and where crushed ends are not specified, end caps are used to prevent excessive grout loss through the open profile. Typically, individual ends caps are installed one per decking peak and are fixed to the crown of the deck with a self-drilling self-tapping screw.

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