At CMF we manufacture the highly efficient MetFloor composite decking system.

MetFloor is available in three standard sizes and multiple gauges, and is available complete with edge trims, flashings and closures for the overall construction of composite floor slabs and the permanent shuttering of reinforced concrete.
The MetFloor profiles are available in both S350 and S450 grade steel and comes with a variety of available coatings; most typically Z275 hot-dip galvanized.
Additionally, MetFloor can be designed in conjunction with FibreDeck reinforcement, providing an efficient alternative to mesh rein-forcement.

Metfloor Range

Design analysis and detailing

With highly experienced inhouse design teams, with over 2000+ projects and more than 5 million ms of decking over the last 10 years, CMF and their partners are able to offer design and detailing ser-vices and guidance for any project.
Utilising CMF’s SCI accredited MetFloor software, analytical designs are available to both British Standard BS 5950 and Eurocode BS EN 1994.
The MetFloor software is also available publicly for external designs and specification. For more information go to Resources and Software.
Metfloor Design Software

Technical Manual

Download the latest MetFloor Technical Manual which provides details of our Composite Metal Decking, covering everything from dimensions and properties to load-span tables and standard details.

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