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Quality shear connectors for composite beam stud welding

Providing concrete shear restraint to compositely designed steel beams, CMF’s CSC shear studs are a perfect accompaniment to the MetFloor decking range.

Our CSC shear connectors enable the installation of codified composite beam designs, whilst simultaneously fastening the profiled decking into place through the use of through-deck studwelding techniques.

Full size range of shear connectors

  • 16mm

  • 19mm

  • 22mm

  • 25mm

  • Height approx. 250mm

Manufactured in the UK by CSC (Composite Shear Connector)

Used for variety of applications

  • Sheet Piles

  • Steel Beams

  • Bridges

  • Composite Steel Decking

  • Precast Concrete Slabs

  • Embedment Plates


For more information you can download the CSC Composite Shear Connectors data sheet below.

Download Data Sheet

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